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The artistic link between Ilaria Porceddu and Embriodotnet was born in 2012 when we created a video for her for "Freedom", the single that launched her second album.


Produced by MuGa, the art gallery that we founded in 2010, the Sardinian singer presented "Personal" in the month of June of the same year, a 4-date live project with visual artist Valentina De' Mathà.




We did this with her: many things were born from this common journey, more than just the video from

In Equilibrio”, but also those of the other two singles from her album: Movidindi and Mai Mai.

An artistic and human debate.

The following year, without the support of major record labels, she presented herself for the selection of Sanremo Giovani 2013 with "In Equilibrio", produced by D’Altro Canto of Attilio Fontana, landing a second-place finish.

Thanks to that success, Ilaria was able to find an extra boost to complete her journey of artistic and personal awareness.


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