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In this cinematographic work, animation replaces the real protagonists:

"The Missing Piece" is a documentary by Giovanni Piperno about the history of the Agnelli family.


"The Missing Piece" is a documentary about the Agnelli family, directed by Giovanni Piperno, manufactured by Goodtime Ltd. and distributed by the LUCE Institute. The real stars of the film did not participate in any way in its implementation, denying the author access to the archival material in their possession.


The inserts of animation occupy the space left by these "missing pieces" in a way that helps to keep the surreal dimension of the film alive, and it has also helps the viewer into the path of understanding the intricate stories of the family of entrepreneurs from Turin, who have made the history of our country for decades.




One day, on the dock of Portofino, the Lawyer saw a man with a penguin on a leash.

And bought it. The penguin.


The women and men of the Agnelli house. If the latter took care of the family business, all the former could do was take care of the garden ....


The relationship between the two brothers of the Agnelli family has always been a complicated one, with Umberto always in the shadow of the more famous brother Gianni.


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