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The Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics presented to the public the Higgs field installation giving it the name of "The gift of the mass".


In 2012, scientists at CERN announced that they had finally discovered the elusive Higgs Boson. The Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), among the protagonists of the discovery, decided to create an interactive installation to popularize the importance of this achievement in public events.




The INFN Communication Dept. decided to realize an interactive installation based on the original idea of making possible the experience of 'massification', that is to live the “impossible” experience of acquiring your own mass, and asked the collective to realize it. collective, in collaboration with artist-programmer Paolo Scoppola, developed an interactive platform on which it would have been possible to give a shape to the original idea.

The result is a mind-blowing experience of seeing and hearing your self dancing with your particles until you see your mass forming.


The #GiftOfMass audio-visual Installation doesn’t try to explain what the Higgs Boson really is, but it rather creates an inspiring environment where everyone can create his own representation of one of the aspects - maybe the most fascinating - of this incredible discovery.


The installation has been presented to the public in late 2012 and has been seen by thousands of visitors around the world.


• Festival Of Philosophy, Modena 14-16.09.2012

• Festival of Science, Genoa 25.10 - 06.11.2012

• Science in Piazza Bologna 25-28.01.2013

• White Night Riga 2013, Riga Latvia 7-8.9.2013

• Origins 2013 - A European Researchers’ Night Event [Bologna / Genève / Paris] - Sept-Oct.2013

• São Paulo ISFF @ MIS Museo da Imagem e do Som - 20-31.08.2014

• Singapore ArtScience Museum - Collider Exhibition -  November 2015 - March 2016

• Bogotà SFF @ Planetarium - 9-15.12.2015

• Athens Science Festival - 06-12.04.2016


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