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A universal app for desktops and tablets that facilitates the use of complex content. We reorganize the material in the customer’s possession in order to restore an easily navigable audio-video presentation.


Biotest, a global company engaged in the fields of immunology and hematology, has launched Haemoctin, a product for the treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients with hemophilia A.


In congresses and conventions around the world, as well as in cases that require an agile, clear and effective presentation, the app developed by Biotest offers an intuitive navigation thanks to the dashboard that we created for managing the content.


Designed to overcome the limitations of a classical slides-based presentation, and through the use of cue-points on specially designed video, in our app you can switch, by means of ad hoc created animations, from one content area to the next, thus conveying other content within the same transitions.


In this way the threshold of attention of participants remains high: the effectiveness of the message will stand to benefit.

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