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Actor Dei is the greatest musical ever made ​​about the life of St. Pio of Pietrelcina.

We have moved with great autonomy and ample responsibility: in a “total” artistic project such as this, the quality and shear passion from each one of us is clearly brought to light.


Under the artistic direction of Attilio Fontana and the historical-critical supervision of Brother Luciano Lotti, a cast of over 40 people has given rise to an impressive show, with an over one million euro budget, that has been successful with audiences and critics in the four stages of its tour in Italy.


Actor Dei, produced by Sound & Co Music Entertainment, in collaboration with the Fondazione Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza and the Municipality of San Giovanni Rotondo, required three years of work.


Presented on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death, the musical traces the life of St. Pio, from his youth to spiritual awareness, until the construction of the Casa della Sofferenza, the hospital that became a symbol of the work of the little big man on Earth.


In collaboration with production designer David Orlandi Dormino, we have developed the architectural design of the entire event, from the scenic place of the stage space, to the grandstands, able to accommodate up to three thousand people.



The 300 square-meter stage is spacious and minimal, and was developed by constantly checking the performance of each scene with cutting-edge tools and 3D simulations.


The geometric shapes of a huge chest inspire the litec structure above (up to 13 meters high), creating the grim climax and tension that underlies the entire show. Making use of the perspective created by the different sizes of the elements, contributes to the central and alienating effect that characterizes the musical: the boundary between the human and transcendental dimension of the saint.


The two motorized rotating towers are six meters high, and are true and proper "creators of space"; they modulate and change the stage space by rotating and moving themselves.

In the days of the tour, production decided that Actor Dei would also become a film and gave us the task to achieve it: for the last of the shows in Calabria, we shot for five days in a row with six cameras, using 30 different angles.

The final product - Actor Dei ▪ The Film - was distributed throughout the national territory by Universo.


150 motorized projectors, 8 videoprojectors that boast 10,000 Lumen each: we staged the ambiguous and interior world of the Saint with the play of shadows and smoke, in a strong relationship with the reality that lives on stage.



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